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What should I do if my payment is delayed?
What should I do if my payment is delayed?

My payment shows as "Paid", but I haven't received it.

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There are some cases where your payment may be delayed. This article will share some common reasons and some troubleshooting tips.

Some factors that affect the delivery of your payment

  • Incorrect bank account details — If the details of your bank account are incorrect, the payment will be returned to Plane, and the payment status will be changed to "Failed". Our Payments Team will reach out to you in this case, but you can also report this to the Support Team if you are yet to be contacted.

  • Local bank holidays — If there’s a bank holiday in your country on the payment date, your payment might be delayed. Please allow up to one business day after the bank holiday to receive your payment. You can check the transfer status to see if your payment has been sent.

  • Bank account limits — It’s important to know if your account has a monthly limit on the amount you can receive. If there is a limit, a payment might be rejected by your bank. Please be sure to check with your bank on your account's limit.

  • Transaction limits: Payments exceeding certain amounts to some countries may undergo additional compliance checks that can cause delays in processing. Our Payments Team will reach out to you if this is the case.

  • Compliance checks — A payment might take some time to arrive because a compliance check was initiated by one of the involved financial institutions. Compliance checks are used by our local payment processors to verify if a payment is legitimate. Our Payments Team is generally able to provide the necessary information to complete the check, however, if more information is required, they will reach out to you.

  • Intermediary banks — There can be, at times, delays caused by intermediary banks. This can be due to a compliance check on their end or a change in the intermediary bank that your bank works with.

General tips for delayed payments

  1. Please allow up to end of day (EOD) on the payment date for the payment to process. We time transfers to account for time zone differences; hence it should be EOD in your time. Contact us if you can’t access your payment on the payment date.

  2. If you haven’t received the payment by EOD and the transfer status is “Paid,” check with your bank to find out if there’s a delay. You’ll have access to the payment confirmation documents that you can share with the bank. If you can’t find the payment confirmation, please reach out to us.

What to do if your bank account information is incorrect

  1. Confirm the status of your payment.

  2. Contact us to let us know about the error. We may be able to stop the payment if the status is “Pending." If the status is “Processing,” we may still be able to stop the payment, but please note that the chances of doing so will be smaller, especially if we’re close to the payment date.

  3. Once we put your payment on hold, we’ll ask you to update your bank account details in your account with the correct information. You can do this after contacting us.

  4. Our Payments Team will send the payment to the updated bank account.

  5. If your payment has been processed, we’ll need to wait for it to be returned. In most cases, the banks will reject the payments since they can’t complete them. In a few cases, the issue can be resolved by the involved banks if the error was minor.

  6. We’ll be notified once your payment has been returned. We can then send it to your updated bank account. If you did not notify us about the issue, we’ll reach out to you once the payment has been returned.

How to confirm the payment date and the status of your payment

  1. Go to the Payments tab.

  2. To see the payment date, check the first column. The payment status is in the fourth column.

  3. Click the arrow to the far right-hand side to see the payment details page. The stages of payment are explained in this article.

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