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When will my contractors be paid?
When will my contractors be paid?

What should I do to ensure my contractors get paid on time?

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You can select a payment date when scheduling one-time payments. The first available payment date will depend on the turnaround time (typically 4 business days and less if you have an account balance; please see this article for more details). For recurring payments, the payment date will be predetermined and will be communicated in email notifications.

How to ensure contractors get paid on time

  • Schedule the payments on time. When determining the payment date, always take into account the turnaround time. For example, Monday 12 pm PT is the cut-off for a Friday payment.

  • Consider bank holidays. Our platform will automatically account for US bank holidays as these affect the collection of funds. However, you should also consider local bank holidays for your contractors. These are listed in the Overview tab.

  • Ensure our ACH IDs are whitelisted with your bank. This will help ensure we don't run into issues when collecting the funds, whether you're using a pay schedule or scheduling a one-time payment.

  • Ensure you have sufficient funds. We'll initiate the process of collecting funds as soon as you schedule the payments. We recommend you have enough funds so that we don't run into a charge failure. For recurring payments, your email notifications will show the date when we'll start processing them. You should plan to have enough funds by the processing date.

  • Consider using the Balance option. This reduces the chance of charge failures by ensuring funds are available for a given payment. It will also shorten the turnaround time by reducing the amount of time required to collect the funds.

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