How to run reports

View and analyze your contractor and employee data with Reports

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Want to see how many pending contractor payments you have? Or want to see how much your company is spending on Support team members in the Philippines? Administrators can gain more insights into their account data in a new Reports tab.

To access and customize the report:

  1. Under the Insights menu, go to the Reports tab. Select the report you'd like to access.

  2. Select ‘Edit columns’ in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. In the ‘Display columns’ section, choose which columns you would like to view.

  4. Click outside of the ‘Edit columns’ window to close the window.

  5. To add a filter to the report, click ‘Add filter’ and select your preferred filter. Enter the filter criteria and click ‘OK.’

  6. Repeat Step 5 if you would like to add additional filters.

  7. To remove a filter, select the filter and click ‘Remove filter.’

  8. Once you have applied your preferred filters, if you would like to export the report as a CSV file, click 'Download' in the upper right-hand corner and select 'Download CSV.'

The reports available in this tab are:

Payments report

Shows the history of all payments that your company has made to your contractors.

This report is now enhanced with additional columns for different pay components: Compensation, Reimbursement, Deduction, and Withholding. Compensation and Reimbursement are displayed by default.

Payroll summary report

A summary of your team’s past earnings, deductions, and taxes.

Expenses report

Details of your team’s expenses.

Payroll journal report

Provides a detailed breakdown of your team's past earnings, deductions, and taxes. For example, you can view total earnings, allowances, and commissions. You can choose to view local currencies, too.

Now, you can also filter by employment type (employee or contractor) for this report.

People report

Details of your team’s personal and employment information. It shows a list of all your employees and contractors and data such as their emails, job titles, wage types, wage amounts, and more.

Time off report

Details of your team’s time off. The report includes options to include Start date, End date, Type, Manager note, and more.

Reports are a new feature that we’re actively building. We would love to hear your feedback on what additional reports you would like to see in the future. Please get in touch with our team to share your feedback and suggestions.

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