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How to review an expense report
How to review an expense report

Review and approve or reject expense reports from employees and contractors

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Administrators and managers can review and approve or reject expense reports (i.e., requests for expense reimbursements) from employees and contractors.

πŸ’‘ Please note: Managers only have access to approve or reject expense reports from their direct reports.

When your employee or contractor submits an expense report, you'll be notified by email that you have a new expense report to review. Click the "Review expenses" button in the email, or log into your account and go to the Inbox tab under the Expenses menu to see your pending expense reports.

To review an expense report:

  1. Under the Expenses menu, go to Inbox tab. Click "Review" next to the expense report that you'd like to review.

  2. In the report details page, review the report and click the "Reimburse" button if you'd like to approve the report. Then click "OK."
    Your team member will see an "Approved" status for their expense report in the Expenses tab of their account.

  3. If you would like to reject the expense report, click the "Reject and comment" button. Enter a reason for the rejection, and then click "Reject expense report."

    1. Your team member will see a "Rejected" status for the expense report in the Expenses tab of their account. When they click on the report, they will be able to read the note explaining the rejection.

      They will also be able to edit and resubmit the report, if needed. If they resubmit the report, follow the steps above again to review and approve or reject the report.

  4. After you have approved an expense report, if the reimbursement is for a contractor, you can add the expense reimbursement to an upcoming recurring payment or schedule the reimbursement as an off-cycle payment.
    Please see our help article on how to schedule a payment for more information.
    If the reimbursement is for an employee, you do not need to take any further steps, it will be automatically added to the next month's payroll.

Administrators and managers can monitor the payment status of approved expense reports in the Approved tab of the Expenses page.

See our help article on How to track approved expenses for more information.

For information on how your team members can submit an expense report, please see our help article for employees and our help article for contractors.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or use Plane's in-app chat.

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