When can I sign my contract?
Updated over a week ago

After completing the sign-up process and adding your payment method, you might notice a message on your onboarding dashboard prompting you to sign a contract, even though no specific task is available. This means the company is in the process of approving and signing the agreement.

Once the company has approved and signed the agreement, you will receive an email notification to sign it.

The company manages the contractor agreements directly from their end. If you find yourself in this onboarding stage for an extended period and want to know about the timeline for contract approval, you can reach out to your manager or administrator at the company.

In some cases, your company may opt to use a customized contract, which will be signed outside of Plane and uploaded by the company to your profile. Alternatively, your company may decide not to use any contract at all.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to support@plane.com or use the in-app chat option at work.plane.com.

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