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How to hire and onboard an international employee
How to hire and onboard an international employee

How do I use Plane to manage the hiring and onboarding process?

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Plane offers a guided process for administrators and managers to hire and onboard their new employees using an employer of record (EOR) model. The step-by-step workflow clearly shows both employers and their new hires what tasks they need to complete and where they are in the process.

To hire and onboard a new employee:

1. Log into your account, and under the People menu, go to the Team tab > Add an employee. Enter your employee's information.

2. Under the People menu, go to the Onboarding page, where you will see a list of all employees who are going through the onboarding process and their current status. Click the employee you just added to see their hiring and onboarding details.

3. In the top right of the employee's Hiring page, you'll see the stages and milestones for the employee's hiring and onboarding process and what stage they are currently in. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a list of tasks that you can take action on now.

A screenshot of an employee's Hiring page.

4. Click on any open task to work on it and enter any needed information or approvals. Depending on the task, it may trigger an email notification.

Example task: Approve estimated employer payroll taxes

5. Your company's admins and/or managers, Plane's Operations team, and your employee are all responsible for different tasks in the process. As tasks are completed by each person, additional tasks will become available. Please see the bottom of this article for a detailed description of each milestone and task.

6. Open tasks that are ready for your action will always appear at the top of the tasks list and completed tasks will appear beneath them. Repeat step 4 until you have completed the hiring and onboarding process.

What does the employee see during their hiring and onboarding process?

Employees have a similar guided experience, but they will see an Onboarding page that contains a less detailed view of the workflow than what admins and managers see. This is because employees only start onboarding after they have been invited to Plane, and they are also responsible for fewer tasks.

Screenshot of the employee's view of the Onboarding page

I was already onboarding someone before you launched the Hiring page. Will they be moved into the new Hiring page?

Congrats on your new hire! You can continue to manage their onboarding process by visiting their profile page. Only new employees added after the launch date of December 9th, 2021, will be visible in and managed through the Hiring page.

What are each of the stages, milestones, and tasks in the hiring and onboarding flow?

The stages and milestones of the employee hiring and onboarding flow is shown below followed by task details.

A graph of the stages and milestones in the employee hiring and onboarding flow.




Plane is getting your country-specific information ready

Plane will gather country-specific requirements such as statutory payroll deductions and benefits.

You will be notified via email at the start of this process, and our team will reach out again shortly afterward to confirm the total cost of employment and request any additional information if necessary.

Review legal requirements

Review statutory requirements

Country-specific statutory requirements may include leave and benefits policies. You can make changes as long as you meet the minimum requirements

Confirm employee’s right to work

Plane's Operations team will follow up if immigration assistance is required or if you are unsure. Visa support is available in most countries for an additional fee.

Decide on optional benefits

Review supplemental health benefits

The supplemental health benefits available to the employee will be available for review. Determine what you would like to offer, if any.

Decide on additional incentives

This may include a signing bonus, relocation package, office setup stipend, etc.

Approve compensation and estimated taxes

Approve estimated employer payroll taxes

Employer payroll taxes will be itemized for review and approval.

Approve employee’s compensation

An annual schedule of the employee’s compensation, including salary and bonuses, will be presented for your review.

When paying the employee in a non-USD currency, the actual cost is calculated using the currency exchange rate at the time of the payment.

Authorize security deposit

Your first payment will be a security deposit equal to the first month’s payroll and local taxes. It will also include the Plane fee for monthly subscribers.

<No Milestone>

Decide on background check

You can specify whether a background check is required and if you would like Plane to run it. The generated offer letter will include a clause stating whether a background check is required or not.

Custom tasks

The Plane Operations team has the ability to add custom tasks. For example, your organization may have a special review for intellectual property rights.

These tasks are not associated with a milestone.

Send offer letter

Approve offer letter

A preview of the offer letter is available for review. After it is approved, the candidate will be notified of the offer via email.

Invited / Onboarding:



The employee reviews and accepts the offer letter

The offer letter email notification sent to the employee contains a link that will take them into Plane to review and accept the offer.

After the employee has completed this task, they will receive another email notification inviting them to get set up on Plane.

  • The invitation to get set up on Plane leads the employee to a simple registration form where they establish a password for their Plane account

  • After the employee has completed the registration form, the stage will automatically move to “Onboarding”.




The employee gets set up on Plane

Fill in basic information

This includes preferred name, preferred pronouns, and date of birth.

Provide address and residency information

National Identifiers are also collected such as passport number or national Id depending on the country.

Add a payment method

The employee is asked to connect a bank account which is required for them to be paid.

Note: When the employer of record is our partner EOR, this task is skipped because the employee will set up a payment method in BambooHR.

Plane prepares the employment contract

The employee receives a notification confirming their start date and the key terms of the offer and that an employment contract is being prepared.

After Plane prepares the contract, it makes the next task available for your organization.

Approve the employee’s contract

Review and approve the employee’s contract

A PDF version of the contract will be available for review. You can work with Plane to make changes if needed.

After you approve the contract, an email is sent to the employee letting them know the contract is ready for review.

The employee signs the contract

Review employment contract

The employee reviews and approves the employment contract to confirm everything looks as expected. After they confirm this, the employee will receive another email notification to digitally sign the contract.

Sign employment contract

At this time, signing the contract is managed outside of Plane. When the employer of record is our partner EOR, this is managed in BambooHR. When Plane is the employer of record, this is managed with HelloSign.

The employee must verify they signed the contract in Plane after signing the contract in an external system.

Plane gets everything set up for payroll

This is the final step in onboarding an employee into Plane and is handled by the Plane Operations Team.

After it has been completed you will receive an email notification confirming that all onboarding tasks have been completed and that the employee is ready to begin working on their planned start date.


Onboarding completed

Archive completed tasks

The final task in the process is archiving the hiring and onboarding tasks. After this is done, the employee is no longer displayed on the Hiring page.

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