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How to request a reimbursement
How to request a reimbursement

How to submit an expense report

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If you made a purchase for work using your own funds or you recently took a business trip, you can submit your receipts for reimbursement.

To do that, log into your Plane account and go to Expenses โ†’ Add first expense. Fill out the requested information, upload your receipt and click 'Add new expense.' You can add as many expenses as you need. Click the Edit icon next to an expense if you would like to edit it.

Once you've finished adding expenses, click the checkbox to the left of each expense you want to submit and click 'Create an expense report.' Enter in a description of the expense report, give it a name and then click 'Send expense report.'

That's it! An email will go to your manager requesting their approval. Once they've approved it, we'll include it in your paycheck. Reimbursements submitted and approved by the end of the month will be included in the next paycheck.

If you would like to make changes to a submitted report that is still awaiting approval, click the Edit icon to the right of it. In the expense report's details page, you can make edits or choose to Withdraw the report.

If your expense report is rejected, you'll be able to see a note explaining the rejection when you click on the expense report in the Expenses tab. You can make changes to a rejected expense report by clicking the 'Revise' button when you view the report. Once you have made the changes, click 'Resend expense report' to resubmit it.

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