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How to set up my account on Plane
How to set up my account on Plane

After you've accepted your offer letter, get set up on Plane.

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Did you just accept a job offer and receive an invitation by email to get set up on Plane? Congratulations on your new job! Your company uses Plane to hire, onboard, and pay their team members. Read on to learn how to set up your account and what comes next.

How to set up your Plane account

  1. After clicking on the email invitation link, you'll be redirected to the Sign Up page for Plane. Enter your email address and choose a password. Retype the password, and hit Continue.

  2. You will be redirected to the Onboarding page for Plane, where you can complete tasks and monitor your progress through onboarding. The tasks will help ensure that you enter the necessary information in order to get paid through Plane.

Onboarding tasks

  1. Fill in your basic information
    Enter your first and last names as they appear on your ID or passport. Then optionally provide your preferred name and preferred pronouns. Your date of birth is also required.

  2. Provide address and residency information
    Enter your address and residency information, along with your national ID or passport number.

  3. Add Payment Method
    Select the country where your bank account resides, and then provide the requested account identifiers. After onboarding, you can access the ‘Bank Accounts’ page to manage multiple accounts. The account set as the default will be used for your payments.

    Note: If you are working in a country using our partner employer of record, you will not see an option to add a payment method. Instead, you will be setting this up in BambooHR.

  4. Review your employment contract
    You will be notified by email as soon as your employment contract is ready for review. Review the contract and confirm it looks as expected. After doing so you will receive another notification to digitally sign it.

  5. Sign employment contract
    Digitally signing your contract will happen outside of the Plane application, but you will still be required to confirm you signed it in Plane.

    Note: If you are working in a country using our partner employer of record, then you will use BambooHR to digitally sign your contract. Otherwise, you will use HelloSign.

After you complete these tasks, you’ll be all set up to get paid!

Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to or use the live chat option on the platform.

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