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Plane’s new HR experience

Learn about Plane’s new HR experience

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Plane’s new HR experience introduces several improvements over the original experience. We improved the layout and added new features that make it easier to manage and track your HR data.


Improved layout and navigation

A team member’s profile is organized logically across multiple tabs, with relevant actions on the right sidebar. For example, the Documents tab offers document-specific actions such as “Add Form W-8/W-9” for contractors or “Add Form I-9” for US employees.

More comprehensive HR tracking

The new HR experience provides additional information you can track for your team members. For example, we’ve added several new fields in the Employment tab.

  • Original start date can be used to track a team member’s original employment date. This may be useful for rehires or people joining via an acquisition.

  • Employee number can be used to store the employee ID from an external HR system. This can be useful when cross-referencing and combining data from Plane and the external system.

  • Employment classifications were also updated for more granular tracking (e.g., salaried vs. hourly, full-time vs. part-time, at-will vs. fixed, and more).

Schedule compensation changes

Scheduling compensation changes is much easier in the new experience. For every change, you’ll be asked, “When do you want this change to happen?” If the team member is assigned to payroll, allowable changes (i.e., changes for unprocessed pay periods) will be immediately reflected in payroll.

Improved compensation history

Compensation history shows more detailed information. In addition to showing when a compensation went into effect or is scheduled to go into effect, it also displays the date the change was added and by whom.

Streamlined vendor management

The new HR experience features a dedicated interface to manage vendors. Access vendors from Payments > Vendors instead of the previous location of People > Team.

With these changes, you can:

  • Add vendors more quickly and easily because you won’t need to add details that are only relevant to contractors.

  • Invite a vendor contact to Plane so they can manage their bank accounts and access other features like payment requests.

  • Enjoy a simplified and more intuitive vendor experience.

Questions? We’re here to help! You can find more of our guides here, reach out to us at, or use Plane's in-app chat.

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