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How to convert a vendor to a contractor
How to convert a vendor to a contractor

Learn the steps for converting a vendor to a contractor

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You may want to convert a vendor to a contractor because you consider them a person who is an extension of your team and not a business. Or you may want to use contractor features like payroll and contracts instead of the streamlined vendor experience.

Converting a vendor to a contractor

If you are using Plane’s original HRIS, you can find the 'Convert to contractor' action in the options menu.

If you are using Plane’s latest HRIS, you’ll see the "Convert to contractor" action on the right side of the page.

Contact information is required to convert a vendor to a contractor. If a vendor contact hasn’t been defined, you’ll be prompted to provide contact information before proceeding.

After you complete the conversion:

  • The contractor is named according to the existing or provided contact information.

  • The business name associated with the contract is set to the vendor's name.

  • All vendor settings and historical information, such as payment history and documents, are preserved and linked to the contractor.

  • If you haven’t already invited the vendor to Plane, converting them will not send them an invitation. If needed, you can do that using the ‘Invite to Plane’ action.

There isn’t a significant difference in the user experience for the contractor. They will continue to access Plane as they previously did with the same user account.

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