Account FAQs
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How do I switch between my contractor and admin/manager profiles?

If you have the same login details for multiple profiles:

  1. Click on the company name on the lower-left corner (if you're a contractor or an employee) or on the upper-left corner (if you're an administrator or manager) of your account.

  2. Click the profile you'd like to switch to from the list that appears.

You can also use the following links:

What should I enter in the Business Details?

The information you’ll need for the Business Details section depends if you are registering as an Individual or Entity (acting as a legal entity).
If you are an individual, you can leave the information as is and enter your name under the Business name.
If you choose Entity, you will need to fill in your business name as registered; if your business address is different from your residential address, you can uncheck the ‘same as residential address’ option and update it.

How to download my contractor agreement?

You can download the contract after you and the company sign them. The agreement will be available in your profile under the Contract section. You can open and download the PDF file by clicking the contract name.

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