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How to submit a payment request
How to submit a payment request

You can submit a payment request with an invoice.

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You can easily request a payment from the customer through Plane. To learn how to do that, watch this video or continue reading!

To submit a payment request:

  1. Log into your account and go to the Request payment tab.

  2. Click the "Request your first payment" button if this is your first payment request, or click "Request payment" in the upper right-hand corner if you have submitted a request before.

  3. Enter the payment amount and select the currency.

  4. In the Payment period dropdown menu, select the date range that this payment is for. If you need a custom date range, select "Other" and then choose the specific dates.

  5. If you’d like to attach an invoice to your request, click "Choose File" in the Attach invoice section and select the file containing your invoice.

  6. Enter your invoice number.

  7. Click "Request payment". Your admin, and manager (if applicable), will receive an email notifying them about the payment request and the pay period to which it applies. When they view the payment request in their account, they will also be able to view the payment request details and invoice, if attached.

Managing payment requests:

Once you submit a payment request, you'll be able to see its status in the Pending tab.

  • Pending — your payment request was submitted to the customer for approval.

  • Processing — your request has been approved by the customer and your payment was scheduled.

  • Completed — your payment was sent and is on the way to you.

If your payment request gets rejected by the customer, you can see the reason in the Rejected tab. Your admin or manager must provide a reason when rejecting a payment.

All completed payments will show in the Completed tab.

Editing payment requests:

There's currently no way to edit a submitted payment request. If you would like to change a payment request, please withdraw it first, and then submit a new request.

To withdraw a payment request, please see this help article.

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