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How do I withdraw a payment request?
How do I withdraw a payment request?

Contractors can withdraw pending payment requests.

Updated over a week ago

Contractors can withdraw payment requests that they have already submitted.

To withdraw a payment request:

  1. Go to the Request payment tab and locate the pending payment request that you would like to withdraw. Please note that, once the customer has already approved and schedule a payment request, you will no longer be able to withdraw it.

  2. Click the vertical ellipsis (three dots) button to the right of the payment request and select ‘Withdraw request.’

  3. Enter a note in the Comment box for the customer, explaining your reason for withdrawing the request.

  4. Click ‘Withdraw payment request.’ Your withdrawn request will appear in the Withdrawn section of the Request payment tab.

  5. Administrators and managers (if applicable) will receive an email notification about the withdrawal, including your comment. They will also be able to view your withdrawn payment request in the Pay contractors tab of their account, under the Payment requests section.

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