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International Employee FAQs
Updated over a week ago

What is the relationship between you (the employer), Plane, and the employer of record (EOR)?

Pilot Platform Inc (Plane) provides the product and service by helping you manage payroll, human resources, and statutory requirements. Plane has its own entities and partners that serve as the EOR/legal employer where the employee is legally hired in another country. Plane and our partner do not manage the performance of the employees since we do not monitor or work directly with them.

Can Plane withhold taxes for employees for non-cash compensation such as stocks, options, tokens, or similar?

No, we are unable to withhold additional taxes for employees. We recommend that the employee contacts a tax expert in their country of work for guidance on how to manage stock-related taxes.

How do I pay a bonus, commission, or any other additional payments?

If you wish to pay an employee additional incentives outside of their usual payroll, please email us at Please note that all changes need to be made before the payroll cutoff days shared in this article. If the payroll cutoff is missed, we can pay additional incentives out in the following payroll cycle.

How can I increase the employee's salary?

Email to increase an employee’s salary. Since salary increases are considered changes to the employment contract, we need to acknowledge these changes with a salary increase letter. Please inform us at least one week before the payroll cutoff date.

Can I pay the employee a bonus in USD?

We’re required to pay employees in their local currency. We always recommend discussing any additional bonuses or salary increases with employees in local currency. You can use this calculator to see the estimated local currency value.

Please note that we are unable to use the same exchange rate that you may see on Google — see here for more information.

Questions? We’re here to help! You can find more of our guides here, reach out to us at, or use Plane's in-app chat.

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