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How to add Wise as a payment method on Plane
How to add Wise as a payment method on Plane

Can I receive payment in my Wise account?

Updated over a week ago

Wise allows beneficiaries to hold and manage multiple currency wallets in a single account. So you can open a USD account to receive payments in USD, then convert them to another currency and withdraw to your bank account.

Setting up Wise as your payment method is a convenient way to receive payments, especially if you are in a region where we do not offer local currency support.
To add Wise as the payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Open a USD balance (account) from your Wise account.

  2. Once you open the balance, Wise will give you USD account details.

  3. Add the USD account details as your new payment method on Plane. You can follow the instructions in this article.

You can use Wise or Evolve Bank and Trust as the bank name.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to or use the in-app chat option on the platform.

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