Global Contractor Payment FAQs
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How do I pay an approved payment request?

After approving a payment request, you'll need to pick a payment date and schedule the payment. In the Pay contractors tab, click the amount requested next to the global contractor's name and schedule the payment from there. The payment request will automatically be marked as done after you authorize the payment.

Check out this article for more information about scheduling a payment.

Is it possible for a manager to approve a payment request and then an admin to process it?

Yes! Click here to learn how to set up multistep payment approvals.

How do I set up a pay schedule?

You can set up multiple pay schedules and customize them. Please see this article on how to create a recurring payment schedule.

Can I cancel a payment that has been scheduled?

If a payment has not been processed yet, you'll be able to cancel it from the platform. Check out this article for more information about canceling a scheduled payment.

How can I pay an approved expense report?

Once you approve an expense, you can schedule the reimbursement as an off-cycle payment or include it in the global contractor's upcoming payment.

Please see this article for more information about reviewing an expense report.

If my global contractor goes on vacation, how can I adjust a recurring payment to reflect the change in compensation?

You have two options to adjust a recurring payment:

  1. Wait until the draft payment is created (you will receive an email notification when the draft payment is ready to review). Then, change the payment amount and authorize the payment manually; or

  2. Remove the global contractor from the payment schedule, create a one-time payment for the adjusted period, and then re-add the global contractor to the payment schedule with a new start date. Check out this article on how to edit a recurring payment schedule and create one-time payments.

How does the Fixed Wage type work with Pay schedules?

Since it is supposed to mean "per pay period," when the wage type is set to "fixed," and a global contractor is added to a pay schedule, they are paid the full amount each pay period. The only time proration would be done is when considering start dates.

You can change the type from the global contractor's profile to what works best for you. If you prefer to keep Fixed as the wage type, you'll need to ensure the amount paid each period is correct.

How does the Hourly Wage type work with Pay schedules?

When the wage type is set to "Hourly," and a contractor is added to a pay schedule, you'd need to add their amount manually based on the number of hours they worked in a given pay period. This option will be available once the drafts are created, and an email notification is sent to you. The steps have been included in our article on How to edit recurring payments.

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