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What are the advantages of using Plane instead of setting up my own subsidiary?
What are the advantages of using Plane instead of setting up my own subsidiary?

What is covered in the monthly fee?

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The time has come and you've decided it's time to hire your first employee abroad. We understand that this can lead to many questions, after all, opening a local subsidiary is not only expensive but also causes a lot of extra work for your accounting team. Yet, some companies decide to do it after all — here you can read three of the most common reasons why. Before diving headfirst into setting up your own subsidiary, though, we would encourage you to see how Plane can help simplify international hiring for you!

Why Plane?

The main benefit of hiring a full-time employee through Plane is that there are no upfront costs for you: you won’t need a local lawyer, accountant, HR team, etc., plus, not having a foreign subsidiary keeps your US taxes simple. (Your 1040 becomes much more complicated with a foreign subsidiary).

What does Plane provide?

We’ll assume the risk of putting your employees on our entity’s payroll on your behalf and act as the employer of record for your employee. This includes taking care of generating their locally compliant employment contract and running their payroll and benefits, including all the required filings and contributions.

We don't charge any setup fees, transfer fees, or expense reimbursement processing fees that are common in the industry. Everything is covered in the monthly fee.

Whichever option you choose, you'll have to comply with local employment law. Going with Plane, though, means we'll take care of that for you!

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