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How to create a request for time off for a team member
How to create a request for time off for a team member

Create time-off requests for your team members

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Managers and administrators can create time-off requests for their team members. For example, if a manager’s direct report has a medical emergency, the manager can create a medical leave in Plane for them.

💡 Please note: Managers can only add time off for their direct reports.

To add time off for a team member:

  1. In the Time off page, click "Add time off" in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose your team member’s name in the Team member dropdown menu.

  3. In the calendar of the Add time off window, click the days for the time-off request. 💡 Please note: Only select the days for time off when the team member would normally be working. Do not include public holidays or other non-working days, such as weekends, if applicable.

  4. In the Type dropdown menu, choose the type of time off, such as Sick Time Off or Bereavement. The options shown may vary according to your company’s preferences.

  5. Click "Approve time off."

  6. Add a note for the team member.

  7. Click "Save time off." The team member will be notified by email about the approved time off.

ℹ️ Important Information:

When your team member requests unpaid time off, once it is approved, it will automatically reduce the earnings for employees and contractors on the payroll. You can find more information on How does unpaid time off reduce regular earnings.

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