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How to complete state tax registrations for new employees
How to complete state tax registrations for new employees

Complete state registrations in all 50 US states and Washington, DC

Updated over a week ago

You can complete tax registrations for any US state and Washington, DC, through Plane. This feature is available for Plane administrators. It is currently available for companies that use Gusto as their US payroll provider, and we'll be adding more providers soon. There is no cost to add this feature to your account. However, you'll be responsible for paying agent and registration fees, which vary by state.

💡 This feature is in beta and available by request only. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or to enable it for your account.

To complete a state tax registration:

  1. Contact our support team at to let them know you’d like to complete a state tax registration. They will add a payroll integration to your account, so that you can connect your Plane account to Gusto. Then, follow the instructions in this help article: How to connect my Plane account with my US payroll.

  2. Once your payroll integration is complete, go to Company and click the 'Tax registrations' tab. You’ll see a list of states in which you have employees.

  3. In the State section, click ‘Connect Middesk’ in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll be taken to a sign-in page for Middesk, our state registration partner. Sign in to Middesk if you already have an account. Otherwise, click ‘Sign up here’ to create a Middesk account.

  4. After you have signed in to Middesk, go to Company and click the 'Tax registrations' tab. For each state shown where you have employees, you can click “Register in [state]” to register in that state using our partner Middesk. If your company is already registered there, you can mark “I’m already registered…” for that state.

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