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How to connect my Plane account with my US payroll
How to connect my Plane account with my US payroll

View all of your employee and contractor data in Plane through our US payroll integration.

Updated over a week ago

You can connect your Plane account to your US payroll, so that you can view all of your employee and contractor data in Plane. This feature is available for Plane administrators. It is currently available for companies that use Gusto as their US payroll provider, and we’ll be adding more providers soon.

💡 This feature is in beta and available by request only. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or to enable it for your account.

To integrate your Plane account with the US payroll provider Gusto:

  1. Contact our support team at so that they can add the integration to your account.

  2. Once the integration is added, go to Settings and click the 'Integrations' tab. (Note: If you would like to use Plane's state tax registrations feature, you can also access the Integrations tab by going to Company > Tax registrations and clicking on ‘Connect payroll…’)

  3. Select the Gusto integration. Click the ‘Connect with Gusto’ button.

  4. A popup window will open letting you know that you’ll be using our partner Finch to connect your payroll and HR systems to Gusto. You’ll be able to click on a link to view Finch’s End User Privacy Policy. Once you have reviewed this information, click ‘Continue.’

  5. You’ll be shown a list of types of data that Plane requests access to, such as basic company data and payment data. After you have reviewed this list, click ‘Continue.’

  6. You’ll be asked to sign in to your Gusto account. Enter your sign-in credentials, and click ‘Sign In.’

  7. Your Gusto account will begin syncing with your Plane account. This process may take up to an hour or more, depending on how much data needs to be synced.

  8. Once your Gusto account has synced with Plane, you’ll be able to see your employee and contractor data all in one place in Plane, including payroll history. On the People tab, any employees imported from Gusto will have a ‘Gusto’ tag next to their job title. In the Payroll history tab, data that is pulled from Gusto will also have a 'Gusto' tag.

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